Uncommon Bankers

Sharper Pencils

Successful businesses deserve a competitive interest rate.  We only use the sharpest of pencils.

Bringing the Bank to the Customer

We understand that time is money.  With our organizational focus and suite of cash management products our customers are not only empowered, but also encouraged, to do their banking from their desktop.  Plus, our Business Bankers meet with clients at their place of business. 

Experience & Understanding

Our Business Bankers take the time to get to know you and understand your business.  This enables us to provide more responsive service and value added advisory.


Lower costs + unmatched service = UnCommon Value in your banking relationship.  




When sales increase and your cash is tied up in receivables, a revolving line of credit can help smooth out your cash flow.


Inventory levels can quickly use up your cash.  A revolving line of credit can help you finance seasonal inventory.




Your production is going up every month and the backlog is growing.  An equipment term loan can help get your production back on track.




 Your business is bursting at the seams and you need to do something. Now is the time to finance your expansion with a bank or SBA Loan.



Everything flows through your operating account.  The right choice to keep tabs on daily spending and manage your money your way.



What are the advantages of using an SBA loan instead of a standard loan?  Which kind of SBA loan is right for your business?


Power Your Business Desktop

IBank Cash Management Suites


Business Online

ACH Origination


Remote Deposit Capture

Credit Line Sweep

Wire Transfer


We make Mouse calls 


More branch locations or better technology

Which do you prefer?

By having only one branch, we keep overhead costs down and pass those savings on to you with our lower business loan rates.  

First Resource Bank, an UnCommon approach to banking with UnCommon advantages for you!

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